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Writer's Block: Another country

Do you have good friends from other countries that you've met on LiveJournal? Have you ever met them in person? If not, do you think you ever will?

Yes I have, and we're good friends now - but that's the problem. Over times, things can change. Knowing that, I doubt we'll still be as close in the future than as we are now. It's already hard to stay in touch and communicate via phone or AIM, so to meet them in person would be unlikely.

We have not met, but we usually webcam and such.

Spread the love for Toni Braxton!!

I'll admit that I didn't listen to her songs until I saw her on ellen a few weeks back. But I LOVE the song. The dance looks simple, cute, & fun, which makes it IDEAL for me. I won't have to worry about busting out some seriously technical dance moves ahaha (Like I ever could.) If you're feeling sad, lazy, or just plain tired, blast this song and it'll get you dancing. I warn you though, the dance is contagious. It's got me doing it.

: This is LIVE and her voice sounds AMAZING; she's even dancing too.

Hehe, love this song and Toni Braxton. You make me dance, sweat out my hair~ 
There's always gotta be that one summer song. Whether it's a party song or a slow, acoustic song, all in all, it makes you feel GOOD. And it's no exception with Angel Taylor's Like You Do.

I get the serious case of warm fuzzies..I'm probably guessing because it reminds me of the happiness you feel when you're in love, and summer love, and how nice it would be to be in love again. Sadly, all my love attempts/experiences have went downhill. To add to that, I'm not the prettiest looking apple there is. I'm probably the one that's got worms in it. Oh, but how nice it would be to be in love again..the happiness that comes along with just being able to see him every day, being grateful for every little conversation we have together..I really miss that. Well, there aren't that many good looking guys at our school, so it's gonna be tough for me, ahahaha, especially since I'm not quite a catch.

Well if this means it's going to be a loveless summer, might as well make it a summer to lose the fat and get fit.

AP Tests !!

English AP Testing - Wednesday.
World History AP Testing - Thursday.

When you actually realize that the AP testings are the real, official thing (to all you first-time AP Testing people, i.e. me) it makes you think: F.I.N.A.L.S. (though this isn't finals, but the same principle applies.)

To those of you who don't know:

I laughed when I received this acronym during finals week last year. :)

Anyways, no matter how unprepared the students are, you have no RIGHT to blame your teacher. They are not credible for covering the material on the AP exams because the exams themselves aren't mandatory, so don't bother complaining/bitching about how your teacher didn't teach you shit. Sweetie, it doesn't work that way. Teachers remind you to get a study book early in the year and start studying for a reason.

I'm not saying I did that though. Oh, ouch, that makes me a hypocrite doesn't it.

I initially thought I'd be screwed big time, but here's the deal. You've got to learn the little tricks to sneak by the AP tests.

For English Language & Composition, I learned the basic literary and rhetorical devices. Even though my English 2A/IB isn't specified as English Language but English Literature, the mock tests that I took of the English Language & Composition did have an essay question in which you could analyze. So I'm safe there. As for the other essay questions, you just need to get the feel of how to identify literary and rhetorical devices in its usage. It took awhile, but I'm getting the gist of it.

As for World History, I'm screwed in the multiple choice. I took the shortened mock-version of it on Sparknotes (love it) and ended up with a 2. (please don't laugh, at least it's better than a one :( ) I think the easiest way to slide by the multiple choice would have to be to simply BS it in a logical way. I'm pretty sure your World History classes have either covered the material in detail or the general idea, and with that knowledge, you can kind of BS your way through. You should manage. I hope I do. As for the essays, I'm more concerned about the CCOT and CC essays (hope I'll survive in the DBQs portion). For those two essays I think I'll review section overviews and trends in the time periods (8000-600 ce, 600-1450 ce, 1450-1750 ce, 1750-1914 ce, and 1914~present) such as gender roles, economy, political changes, international powers, etc. With that kind of information outlined in my head, I think I can write a pretty basic essay -  not thorough, but basic enough to make it through.

My goal, from now till the two AP tests, is to remain relatively calm, less worried, continue studying as needed, and get plenty of sleep.

Going healthy.

Just got out of the shower and got a good look at my fat, untoned legs. Dam, I've got to get back to running and working out. But even when I was in cross country, my legs weren't in the best shape (although they were a tad bit toned. :D ) So now, I've got to work on my diet.

No, I'm not going on some crappy corn diet, wheat diet, cereal diet, or whatever. I don't believe in that kind of stuff.

I'm going to eat regular meals, but cut the portions. I think I've been eating too large of an amount. Second, I'm going to fulfill the recommended amount of servings for veggies, fruits, meat, dairy products, and grains.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, I must be sure I dont SNACK or eat EXCESSIVELY. Two of my biggest problems.

And this all starts now!

I love cards

I love receiving cards from people. I keep all the cards I receive - I have so many that I've run out of places to put them. (Hopefully this doesn't get me on Hoarders: Buried Alive. xD) Hahah, but cards are wonderful! They make me feel so reminiscent when I read them, and I do shed a tear or two.

What makes me feel really bad though, is when I lose them. Even worse, when I accidentally write on them. Of course, the 'writing on them' part seems like it's entirely my fault, which it is, but I usually test out pens before I write them, and I don't check the paper I test it out on. (Happens all the time, even on homework assignments) The thing is, when I write on the cards, it's like the cards lose their sentimental quality on it, or it feels like the giver's emotions were just overlooked and written on. It makes me sad.

I just accidentally wrote on a card just now - a card that I just received. I can't describe my first emotion when I realized it was a card that I wrote on. I knew for sure that I was almost instantaneously hurt, and I felt sadness take over me in an instant.